Cummins Exhaust Valve 4994143

Part number:Cummins Exhaust Valve 4994143
Engine model:6BT
Application:Terex ,Cummins diesel trucks,Marine Machinery

Reliable Supplier of Exhaust Valve 4994143 With Competitive Price.
It install on 6BT Cummins engine.

We have large stock of exhaust valve for different Cummins Engine Model, such as :
NT855, KTA19, KTA38, KTA50, 6BT, 4BT, 6CT,QSL, QSB6.7, ISF,ISF2.8, ISF3.8, QSM11,ISM, ISX,QST,ISL QSL. can meet all your requirements for engine repair

To help you solve Cummins Exhaust Valve problems.

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