Lubricating Oil Pump 4939587

Part name:Cummins Oil pump
Part number:4939587

Engine model:Cummins 6B, 6BT


Top supplier  high pressure oil pump 4939587 of Cummins engine parts .

It install on 6B/6BT Cummins engine.

Large stock for Cummins lube oil pump system parts ,

N14, NT855, KTA19, KTA38, KTA50, 6BT, 4BT, 6CT,QSL, QSB6.7, ISF,ISF2.8, ISF3.8, QSM11, ISM, ISX,QST

To Chooese best oil lubrication pump is very important for Cummins diesel engine.If lubrication system have problem,it will ruin the engine quickly.

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Sheng Ding Ding could supply all series of Cummins lubrication system parts,such asseal o-rings, oil pumps, oil coolers, relief plungers, plunger springs, oil pump kits, oil filler caps, oil pan gaskets, oil pan isolators, bolts, washers, isolator sleeves and son on.
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